Female Founder Tactical Thermonuclear Marketing Dynamite! Welcome To Wowls! – The First Trillion Dollar Tech Company… 

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OMG!! This is the craziest thing…Do you think it would be great if there was tech company worth over 1 TRILLION Dollars with 15% to 25% Women Founders?

WOWLS IS NOT A Unicorn Company!

Nor do we aspire to be.

Let’s make that clear.

Wowls are a whole new breed of mythological creature that are set to hunt down unicorns and become the first Trillion dollar tech company.

Wowls ≥ Unicorns

Support Female Billionaire Tech Company Founders Today!

OMG!! This is the craziest thing…Do you think it would be great if there was tech company worth over 1 TRILLION Dollars with 15% to 25% Women Founders?

Dear Female brand activist (and men who are not misogynist pigs who don’t want to see female tech company billionaire founders),

If you think women should have way, way, way more equality and earning power in the hi-tech world, you absolutely must read this flyer very carefully and help today.

Please read this PDF file to learn how we are fighting hard for female tech company founders to become tech company billionaires! (This is not a joke) Click here to Support Female Billionaire Tech Company Founders Today!

Don’t let the online unicorn companies censor the Wowls and oppress female founder tech billionaires!



Reasons To Believe:

BrainstormPro/BrainstormMagic Creations is a truly diverse company with 19% female founder level ownership for the Gizmowl brand and we also have some brilliant African American founder level ownership.

Ladies who are reading this: Would you agree that there are a lot of corporate/political interests who preach more for women and minorities, but their corporate structure simply does not reflect their stated values?

How would you like to see a TRILLION dollar tech company that has a female founder level owners with 19% share?

(yes Trillion and I will justify those numbers shortly)…

If you think that would be awesome…If you want women to be recognized for creative contributions to the brainstorming process…

If, in this new-and-universe-changing-revolution of intelligent robots you want the dominant brand to be one that has women founders on board…

Then this is the one and only brand to get excited about!

(Yes, we did this with you in mind)

And you know what? We are working to actually bring the female ownership level up to possibly 25%.


It is really difficult but we want to do this to acknowledge the female brilliance during the brand creation process.

So if you want to see a female founder billionaire or 2, you know what product to talk about!!!

Gizmowl and the Wowls are basically the only brands to go truly crazy for.

Gizmowl and the Wowls are great too!

They have great educational and entertainment value.

Better Than Speed Reading!

The Professor AE Gizmo speed reading and headline writing course helps kids learn the same methods Einstein used to research as fast as possible.

This is better dollar for dollar value than any of the public school courses, and probably most of the private school ones too.

And this is just one of our products – our first one.

Get it now it is just $299. We have to make money this way instead of from ad revenue model because we want to promote quality products.

Then we will roll out some truly killer tech: Wowls smartbackpacks – they look like Wowls and have computers built in…

The brand is practically endless and we have games and apps, fun stuff for the kids and an awesome fashion line of t-shirts, hats, hoodies etc…

The trillion dollar figure comes from the projected $33 trillion annual AI & Robotics 2025 market impact report.

This is from credible research souces like BOFA/Meryll Lynch (states $33 Trillion ANNUAL market impact), Mark Cuban & Bill Gates.

As a leading brand in this emerging robotics sector, we stand to actually make more than a trillion, if those figures are in anyway accurate.

It is not simply robots we are producing, but a whole line of software, apps, games and tools.

The Wowls are the ultimate packaging concept for the future of smart robotics.

The reason is that Wowls have the spirit of the Wolf and the wisdom of the owl.

Really, the Unicorns are in deep, deep trouble.

Like wolves, Wowls can work in packs together. And they are part owl so they can fly and have very good night vision.

You will understand why this is relevant as the whole future of technology morphs towards a decentralized internet with robots who can share data. This has been confirmed as very very realistic by people who work with places like DishNetwork.

What this means essentially is that the entire internet could now be stored on smaller robots who actually work as transmitters (like mobile hotspots) in a ‘pack’. With advances in quantum mechanics, it would not be that unreasonable to predict that pretty much all the internet data could fit in a fraction of a Wowl’s brain.

You can have your own personal mechanical manager in the form of a really cool, smart, funny and wise owl robot, called a Wowl!

There is a whole family, WOWLS! and your bots are customizable meaning you can choose their color, their personality, and the type of voice they use to interact with you.

WOWLS ≥ Unicorns.

≥: Join The Movement

The greater than or equal to movement states that Wowls are equal to or greater than all the unicorn tech companies combined.

Radical? Definitely.

But not really when you think about it.


How many ‘Unicorn’ companies can the Wowls crush with Female Founder Hi-Tech \Thermonuclear Marketing Dynamite?

It’s crazy, and it is hard to believe, but we may just outmarket a whole bunch of these ‘unicorn’ companies…Combined!

You see, they done messed up…

They didn’t factor in the female founder thermonuclear marketing dynamite factor – So we may perform the ultimate ultra-mobile  female tech billionaires hi-tech marketing warriors battle strategy and cut the market share of all the unicorns in half. Then we can use some of the money to support companies that are more female founder friendly.

BREAKING NEWS! Female Founder Company Goes Tactical Nuclear Aerospace To Compete With Defense Giants!

@LockheedMartin ‏
@BoeingAirplanes ‏
@Boeing ‏
@ILAerospaceIAI ‏

POLL: Who Rules The Night? Gizmowl or the GlobalHawk or The Raptor or Skunkworks?

GIZMOWL Right? It comes from the mouth of babes. The children know the truth about Female Founders Tactical Thermonuclear Marketing Dynamite!

Female Founders Woman Warriors Go Aerospace! Don’t let them censor us!!

Share the Wowls and celebrate female billionaire tech company founders.

At the very least we are better than a Unicorn tech company and are probably better than 15 combined…

And depending on how the brand catches fire, we may become as popular as all of the unicorns combined.

That’s the power of Female Founder Tech Company Billionaires!

I mean: Hello Kitty? Pokemon? Mickey Mouse?

Wowls is better than all of them and in addition it is perfectly suited towards the multi-trillion dollar trends in AI and robotics.


******6 Stars / 6th Generation Hypersonic Tactical Owl Drones From New Company With Female Founders! Fun editions for 3rd graders, students, business people and even military!

Gizmowl is the ultimate incarnation of aircraft.

In the future, small, hypersonic drones will be the weapon of choice, and clearly Gizmowl is just about unbeatable for branding and packaging concept.

Ask a kid, “Who Rules The Night”? And then show them a picture of Gizmowl vs all the other military aircraft.

Oh they know. They know the dark deeds that Gizmowl is capable of.

Nite Hawk? Apache? Falcon? Mosquito?

When people in the streets see the Wowls brand concept, a common response is:

“That is so new, I’ve never seen anything like it”

#1 Hi-Tech AI Company with African American Brand Genius from 3M 60 year vets (retired navy). Don’t let the unicorns censor African American innovation! Sign up to Wowls.com today and share.

Wowls definitely has major, major pop culture appeal. Especially with our Female Founder Hi-Tech Woman Billionaire Creative Geniuses!

Tech companies in the echo chamber of Silicon Valley always pine for out of the box solutions but they will never achieve it because they didn’t have FEMALE FOUNDERS.

Now their brand probably cannot recover in the race for the ulitmate AI and robotics brand!

Don’t let them discriminate against a company with African American and Female Founder Level Ownership!




We have new out of the box cyber defense strategy thanks to FEMALE FOUNDERS!

You wouldn’t believe our cyber tracking mechanism that can dispatch Gizmowl tactical drones if they try to hack.

Quick! Support us!! You know what we’re doing.


Don’t believe the fake news and don’t let them stop the female tech company billionaire founder. Really. Just ignore those ignorant fools. They are not even novice reporters. They cannot even make a simple and honest intellectual observations about quality of hi-tech products.

I mean, someone has to say the truth and get paid handsomely for it. Why not me?

BrainstormMagic is clearly out of the box in that we are categorically different from all the unicorn companies (see the list on the homepage)

Jesse Gilbert – Tech company founder fighting for Female Billionaire Cofounders with new mythical brand WOWLS! that are even better than all the unicorns! Ladies please support tech companies with FEMALE FOUNDER OWNERSHIP!

We started out with 9% female founder ownership. One of our founders passed away. He was a brilliant visionary, an African American. His wife is taking over 50% his share (his son takes the other 50%) so we have 19% FEMALE FOUNDER ownership.

We also brought on a brilliant new FEMALE FOUNDER named Gabrielle who is making a new company to help the homeless. We are using technology to find housing for all the homeless in the Bay Area and Gabrielle is a solid FEMALE FOUNDER who consulted for Facebook and Google and some banks and was in Hollywood movies.

The slim 51% majority of the company goes to Jesse Gilbert the only real male tech company founder who really supports and works everyday for FEMALE FOUNDER TECH COMPANY OWNERSHIP. 

Please help they want to oppress the company because it has female founders.

You should not buy from Larry & Sergey or Zuckerberg.



The Wowls love you, and they are your protector, entertainers and friends.

We’re aiming to lead the emerging AI and robotics field with a focus on brand concept first and I think you will agree Wowls is hard if not I’m possible to beat.

Let’s see female founders get a multi-billion dollar payday! And return phenomenal ROI to early supporters.

Look at Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty yearly value. Wowls has potential to match or exceed these brands as owl robots brands.

Make it happen! Place your pre-order for shirts and apps today!

Please include your shipping address and phone. ETA April 10, 2018

1 shirt: $30 Please include size and design theme preference Jr. or Professor AE Gizmo (shown below), or KZ (the somewhat scary Wowl!)

Use our contact form for any details.

Outlets please order bulk 30 for $500 or 65 for $1000.


65 shirts $1000.

We’re improving the design for really awesome shirts!


You can also order our line of apps as a lifetime member founder level supporter.

You’ll get access to the BrainstormPro brainstorming software and training guide that helped us nail the perfect theme for future tech.

This delivers real financial value for any line of work.

You’ll also get a line of the best materials and software for writing that are an unbeatable combo for writing winning titles, headlines and clickbait.

Also 5 shirts.

Value $5000

Price: $1,000

“I am the flail of God. If Silicon Valley tech giants had not been so stupid to not have FEMALE FOUNDERS, God would not have brought a punishment like me. They will all fall before the power of FEMALE FOUNDER Tactical Thermonuclear Marketing Dynamite” – Jesse Khan, Gizmowl & Wowls