Have You Ever Wanted Your Own Flying Car?

Or how about an comfortable ultra-mobile yurt with water and electricity that you can pack up or deploy in minutes...

If you want more cannabis (much, much more) and less tobacco, alcohol and petro-based oil...

The Wowls brand is the brand you want to support today! We have taken a firm stance on the cannabis sector and have out of the box solutions to deliver you better quality and value.

Fire Up The Alpha Cyber Wolf & Show Them Who's #1

Dual blade system: 2 bikes or 1 car
*AutoYurt (30 ft or 60 ft)
*Hemp composite body
*Runs on hemp fuel
*Built in Electricity and Water from solar coating
*Extremely safe flight with yurt deploy safety bubble / parachute
*All Weather: Great for cold weather, skiing or tundra exploration

I believe in the Alpha Cyber Wolf Automotive Project
These personal aircraft will be so user friendly and fun to fly, even a 15 yr old could do it.We will be working to educate youth on personal aircraft with our K9 Flight Program

Make The Quantum Leap From Horsepower To Wolfpower!

Watch the video below for some information and educate yourself about the windfall boon in energy with our cannabis fueling system. Then join the Wowls K9 Elite with a purchase of a t-shirt and / or software.

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Reasons To Believe

Research Using Algorithms, Study of Offline Texts, & Thorough Investigation Revealed An Ancient Flag From Outer-Mongolia With The Wowls Symbol

This flag of the Nogai clan gives clues as to the whereabouts of these legendary creatures.

This civilization just 500 years old was near the border of modern Russia and Lake Baikal in Siberia.

Cyphers confirm what our sixth-sense already told us:...

Rumors are swirling that the Wowls have emerged from their hidden realms to overthrow the Unicorns.

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