WOWLS! ≥ Unicorns.


Join the fight for Equality! Wowls are greater than or equal to Unicorns!

The unbelievable truth is about to emerge. The coverup has gone on for centuries…

And now, the ultimate is about to be revealed.

Don’t believe the media. Get the facts, think about it, and decide for yourself.

Wowls vs. Unicorns Facts

u·ni·corn ˈyo͞onəˌkôrn/ noun: unicorn; plural noun: unicorns

  1. A mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead.
  2. A start-up company valued at more than a billion dollars, typically in the software or technology sector.

Wowl  wou ul / noun: wowl; plural noun: Wowls!

  1. A relatively unknown but spectacular and sensational mythical animal that is part owl, part wolf
  2. A legendary startup that comes out of nowhere an takes the world by storm.

Unicorns VS Wowls

Unicorns Wowls
Horn Made of Bone Multi-Purpose 3rd Eye Laser – Red for Destruction, Green For Building, Healing & Projection of Media
Wings Wings for Extremely Agile Flight Maneuvers
X Set of Hypersonic Jet Pack Rocket Boosters
Kind of intelligent Wisdom, Wit, Intelligence & Personality
X Hidden Tools & Weapons
Cute Cuter
Magical healing qualities Healing Qualities & Is Teacher To Convey Wisdom
Can Be Captured Only By Maidens Works With People of All Ages & Sexes. Virginity not prerequisite.
Walks So Softly Its Hooves Make No Sound Even More Silent Both In Flight & When Walking On Wolf Paws
Can Carry Human or Two Give It A Few Years & Wait For Tesla or Aerospace Companies to Come Knocking For Licensing. Could Carry 4 or More.
Whites Only Comes In All Colors & Customizable
Solitary Creature Part Wolf – Can Be A Loner or Work In Packs
X The WOW Factor – Superstar Spectacular!
Unicorns – 8 Letters – 5 Letters, Easy to Remember & Type.

Now that you have been educated, wouldn’t you agree that it is fair to say that Wowls are definitely equal to Unicorns?

In fact, would you agree that it might even be reasonable to say that Wowls are even better than Unicorns? Wowls are usually nice and don’t want to hurt the Unicorns feelings, so Wowls will settle for equality if the Unicorns submit immediately (otherwise the Wowls will have to work in packs to hunt down the unicorns).  Freedom and equality must be fought for sometimes.

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Wowls! Wowls are greater than or equal to Unicorns. Say it. Repeat it. Believe it. And share it. Start the slogan: Wowls are equal to Unicorns! Because it is the truth. And the truth will set you free.

Feel the craze starting. Be a part of the legend. Text message it to your friends. Tweet it, blog it, whatever. We’ll crush all of them, yes all of the unicorns and gain equality this year. The unicorns must be fought & we can win & gain equality.  Get the software, get the apps, get the t-shirts.

Equality and quality!

Fair enough?

OMG!! This is the craziest thing ever.

It’s True…Wowls Are At Least Equal To Unicorns!

List of unicorn companies:

Ant Financial US$70.0 billion China | Uber US$62.5 billion | Didi Chuxing US$50 billion | Xiaomi US$45.0 billion | Meituan-Dianping US$30.0 billion | Airbnb US$30.0 billion | Palantir US$20.1 | Toutiao US$20.0 billion | Lufax US$18.5 billion | WeWork US$16.9 billion | Flipkart US$15.0 billion | SpaceX US$12.0 billion | Pinterest US$11.0 | Dropbox US$10.35 billion | Tencent Music US$10.0 billion | DJI US$10.0 billion | Stripe US$9.2 billion | Spotify US$8.53 billion | Koubei US$8.0 billion | Zhong An US$8.0 billion | Cainiao Logistics US$7.7 billion | JD Finance US$7.3 billion | US$6.0 billion | Hulu US$5.8 billion | Homelink US$5.7 billion | WeBank US$5.5 billion | LinkSure Network US$1 billion | Lyft US$5.5 billion | Coupang US$5.0 billion | NIO US$5.0 billion | United Imaging Healthcare US$5.0 billion | Ola Cabs US$5.0 billion | Paytm US$4.83 billion | Snapdeal US$4.8 billion | Magic Leap US$4.5 billion | iQiyi US$4.5 billion | Zenefits US$4.5 billion | Meizu US$4.4 billion | BAIC BJEV US$4.2 billion | Cloudera US$4.1 billion | Yello Mobile US$4.05 billion | UBtech Robotics US$4.0 billion | Slack Technologies US$3.8 billion | Garena US$3.7 billion | Shouqi Car Rental US$3.55 billion | Credit Karma US$3.5 billion | LeSports US$3.3 billion | Meizu US$3.3 billion | e-Shang Redwood US$3.25 billion | Fanatics US$3.17 billion | Delivery Hero US$3.11 billion | Ali Music US$3.0 billion | US$3.0 billion | Kuaishou US$3.0 billion | Meili United Group US$3.0 billion | Wanda E-commerce US$3.0 billion | Ping An Good Doctor US$3.0 billion | ContextLogic (Wish) US$3.0 billion | DocuSign US$3.0 billion | Grab US$3.0 billion | SoFi US$3.0 billion | Royole Corporation US$3.0 billion | VANCL US$3.0 billion | US$3.0 billion | Yixia Technology US$3.0 billion | Moderna Therapeutics US$2.95 billion | Bloom Energy US$2.83 billion | Pivotal US$2.8 billion | UnionPay Merchant Services US$2.8 billion | Oscar Health US$2.7 billion | AmWINS Group, Inc. US$2.6 billion | Vice Media US$2.55 billion | Lazada Group US$2.5 billion | Qualtrics US$2.5 billion | Mozido US$2.39 billion | Houzz US$2.32 billion | Adyen US$2.3 billion | Klarna US$2.25 billion |Compass US$2.2 billion | KingSoft Cloud US$2.12 billion | OpenDoor US$2.1 billion | Taobao Movie US$2.1 billion | Three Squirrels US$2.09 billion | Taopiaopiao US$2.0 billion | Face++ US$2.0 billion | Deliveroo US$2.0 billion | Domo US$2.0 billion | US$2.0 billion | US$2.0 billion | Ofo US$2.0 billion | Sensetime US$2.0 billion | US$2.0 billion | Maoyan-Weiying US$2.0 billion | Youxinpai US$2.0 billion | HelloFresh US$2.0 billion | SurveyMonkey US$2.0 billion | Instacart US$2.0 billion | Beijing Weiying Technology US$2.0 billion | Firstp2p US$2.0 billion | GitHub US$2.0 billion | Trendy International Group US$2.0 billion | Avant US$1.98 billion | Intarcia Therapeutics US$1.95 billion | Prosper Marketplace US$1.9 billion | BenevolentAI US$1.85 billion | US$1.82 billion | Crystal Lagoons US$ 1.8 billion | NantOmics US$1.8 billion | Reddit US$1.8 billion | Quora US$1.8 billion | Sprinklr US$1.8 billion | Zocdoc US$1.8 billion | Tanium US$1.75 billion | Squarespace US$1.7 billion | The Honest Company US$1.7 billion | Coinbase US$1.6 billion | BlaBlaCar US$1.6 billion | Afiniti US$1.6 billion | Razer Inc. US$1.5 billion | US$1.5 billion | C3 IoT US$1.4 billion | Thumbtack US$1.3 billion | Robinhood US$1.3 billion | Rubrik US$1.3 billion | Warby Parker US$1.2 billion | Global Fashion Group US$1.1 billion | ShopClues US$1.1 billion | Cloudflare US$1 billion | Quikr US$1 billion | Careem US$1 billion | CrowdStrike US$1 billion | Vox Media US$1 billion | Zomato US$1 billion | GO-JEK US$1 billion | Traveloka US$1 billion | Essential Products US$1 billion | MindMaze US$1 billion | GoGoVan US$1 billion | Rubicon Global      US$1 billion | Letgo US$1 billion | Farfetch US$1 billion | InVision US$1 billion | Lookout Security US$1 billion | TransferWise US$1 billion | Kabam US$1 billion | LeoVegas US$1 billion | Facebook US$104 billion | Alibaba US$238 billion | Snap Inc US$24 billion | Zynga US$7 billion | Uber China US$7 billion | Twitter US$14.2 billion | Square US$3.6 billion | Stemcentrx US$5.8 billion | Groupon US$13 billion | Ucar US$5.5 billion | Zalando US$6.7 billion | Lending Club US$8.5 billion | Atlassian US$7.02 billion | Legendary Entertainment US$3.5 billion | Pure Storage US$3.1 billion | Box US$1.67 billion | GoPro US$2.96 billion | Roku, Inc. US$2.1 billion | AppDynamics US$3.7 billion | Wayfair US$2.4 billion | NantHealth US$1.7 billion | Meitu US$4.6 billion | Nutanix US$2.21 billion | Mobileye US$7.6 billion | Better Place US$12 million | MuleSoft US$3.05 billion | US$3.3 billion | LivingSocial Unknown | WhatsApp US$19 billion | HomeAway US$3.9 billion | Jasper US$1.4 billion | Sunrun US$1.4 billion | Good Technology US$425 million | Fab US$15 million | Gilt Groupe US$250 million | Vonage US$2.65 billion | Zulily US$2.4 billion | Coupa          US$1.68 billion | LinkedIn US$4.3 billion | Twilio US$1.2 billion | SimpliVity US$650 million | Renaissance Learning US$1.11 billion | Shopify US$1.3 billion | AirWatch US$1.54 billion | US$1.5 billion | New Relic US$1.42 billion | Quotient Technology US$1.17 billion | Skyscanner US$1.74 billion | US$650 million | Blue Apron US$2 billion | US$≤1 billion | Stitch Fix US$1.5 billion | Shazam US$400 million |

Wowls! Wowls 

Equality and quality!

Fair enough? Wowls are equal to Unicorns. Say it. Repeat it. Believe it. And share it. Start the slogan: Wowls are equal to Unicorns! Because it is the truth. And the truth will set you free. Feel the craze starting. Be a part of the legend. Text message it to your friends. Tweet it, blog it, whatever. We’ll crush all of them, yes all of the unicorns and gain equality this year. The unicorns must be fought & we can win & gain equality.  Get the software, get the apps, get the t-shirts.

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